Who Are We?

Financial Alliance is Singapore's leading and award-winning Independent Financial Advisory Firm.
We offer our individual and corporate clients a unique, unbiased and meaningful one-stop experience in financial advisory services. Our wide range of wealth management and financial planning solutions is second to none.

Our entire team shares a pro-client outlook, and our corporate infrastructure is designed to reflect this. We are proud of our uncompromising stand on competence and professionalism.

Over 50,000 clients reap tremendous value and achieve peace of mind from our financial advice that is specifically aligned to their needs and goals.

Why Independent?

A financial consultant offers clients financial advice and recommendations. Sometimes it is not clear whose side the financial consultant is on - the client’s side or the side of the financial institution selling the solutions.

An independent financial adviser, which Financial Alliance is proud to be, stands firmly on the clients’ side. Such an adviser aligns with the clients by being free of product-pushing pressures. This leads to a higher level of objectivity in the financial advice and recommendations we offer.

At Financial Alliance, our philosophy, our people and our proprietary systems work together seamlessly to deliver high quality financial recommendations that are true to our clients’ requirements.

Our People

The people of Financial Alliance believe that independent financial advice makes a world of difference in meeting our clients’ needs and circumstances.

Our visionary Executive Management Committee keeps it all together by encouraging open communication among everyone in the firm and by assuming the role of the beacon that reaches out to the market.

Our Consultants are rigorously trained in their roles to guide our clients through the entire financial advisory process. Our Consultants’ combined competence and professionalism help to take the tediousness of wealth management off our clients’ shoulders. Wealth management support for the Consultants rests in hands of a team of experts who relentlessly give guidance in areas relating to investment, life insurance, general & group insurance, estate planning and loan advisory.

Backing up our Consultants in an equally crucial role are our various administrative, training and business operations teams, who work tirelessly behind the curtains to enhance our Consultants’ productivity, keep our processes flowing smoothly and maintain our databases in tip-top condition.

Our people are selected for their exceptionally indomitable spirit. The willingness to learn and contribute in a fluid environment creates space for personal growth and career development. The qualities our people possess ultimately give our corporate cause a welcome boost.