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Protect yourself financially from accidents round the clock anywhere in the world with a comprehensive Personal Accident Plan. Medical check-up is not required.


Class 1 - Professions and occupations involving indoor work mainly of a sedentary (requiring much sitting) nature. Example : Accountant, Office Clerk, Architect (Indoor), Lawyer, Indoor Sales / Marketing, etc.

Class 2 - Professions and occupations involving outdoor or site work or occasional manual work only when supervising workmen. Example : Outdoor Salesmen, Civil Engineers, Decorators(superintending), Grocers, Pharmacists, Surveyors, Waiter, etc.

Class 3 - Professions and occupations involving manual work without machinery. Example : Baker/Chef, Contractor, Carpenter(Not using woodworking machinery), Courier, Driver, Hawker, Motor Repairer, Plumber, Technician, Veterinary Surgeon, etc.

*Class 4 (Referred Occupation – Please drop us a message for quotation via Contact Us Form) : Professions and occupations that are hazardous such as involving the use of cutting equipment, professional sports, divers, welders, military service, crew of sailing vessels or aircraft, ship repairers, construction workers, external work involving height above 60 feet, manual work involving use of cutting machinery and the like.